Who are your friends gonna be?

by Ramshackle Glory

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Who are your friends gonna be? via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Introduction 04:31
is there a way out of here?/is there a way out of blacking out and nodding out?/is there a way out a way out of fear?/is there a way out of selling out or dropping out?/
goddamn we must be living in the last days if/the president's black but the system is racist/when I got to your house everybody was wasted/gotta hang those crackers who lynched troy davis/if I start to believe in the words that we're saying/gonna get locked up or knocked dead on the pavement/chinga la frontera but while we're waiting/got some new punk vinyl and it's fucking amazing/but don't you dare push play on that record player before/you can give me one good reason not to walk out of this door/drive your car up to oro valley and burn every store I can find/because these days it just seems like the best thing that I can try/is to never leave my house for weeks at a time/so nobody asks how I am and I don't have to lie/I swear every song is a prophesy or it's/a promise we have to live up to before it's/even worth the time that it took to record it/because I don't want to be another asshole on tour because/I'm too lazy to go to work in the morning/and I guess that's true but this has got to be more than/a bomb shelter for us to ride out the war in/I'd sooner kiss these ruins than fucking ignore them/but don't you dare give up on us or anarchy before/you can name one government not rotten to its core/when this world finally burns who will be holding the torch?/these days it just seems like the best thing that I can try/is to never go back home for weeks at a time/so nobody asks how I am and I don't have to lie/
I woke up cold so cold that I could barely breathe/I woke up alone so alone that I could barely see/woke up in my room in a room that never feels like it's mine/my neighbors don't look they pretend not to see while I scream at the sun begging it not to shine/I walk down the street and smile at passersby/I give beggars change and keep walking on by/I try to be nice as much as I can/but the people who know the ones who know me they'll you about the man that I really am/they'll you about the kind of man that I am/they'll tell you about the man that I really am/I have a mask but my mask it's not going to save me today/from a beard full of mace and pepper spray/and our shields just broke yeah our shields are broken lying down on the street/when the cops move in who are your friends going to be?/who the fuck do you think that your friends are going to be?/lord only knows only knows how short this life will be/what I don't know is if that's going to be short enough for me/because I feel asleep cold feel asleep so cold that I could barely breathe/I lay down alone so alone that I could barely see/when the cops move in who are my friends going to be?/fell asleep so alone that I could barely see/
I was raised in the north underneath the pines/where the pavement ends and the police hide/moved down and to the west where it is so dry/that all the streets flood when it rains every time/so I'll just sit here in the yard and hope that the power goes out/because this could be the time that it never comes back on and that would be that would be fine/and I swear to a god that I never planned never planned to believe in/that if I ever drink again/it's going to kill me or I'm just going to wish that it did/I'll tell you right now I didn't quit shooting dope/to watch the border patrol pull this shit unopposed/the south side is a police state that's not the type of thing I normally say/because I hate it when our rhetoric exaggerates, but where i'm from the police kidnap people every day/don't sleep at night until the last prison/gets burnt down or turned into a museum/don't breathe until the last dollar bill they print/gets tossed into a wood stove in new england/I couldn't leave my house today I'm too terrified of market exchange/nothing remains in the hands that made it no one working for each other everybody working for a wage
I don't hope for justice if it did exist/I wouldn't be walking down the street to where you live/my house is chaos and all of my money's gone/but I've never been the type to grab something and hold on/I don't work for justice I don't give a shit/I'm just trying to walk on down the street to where I live/my life is chaos and all of my friends are gone/but I've never been the type to keep in touch with anyone/
I've got a sink full of dishes to do but I won't do them today/I've got rent coming due I ain't got money to pay/a bad summer ahead but I think that I'll stay/letters I have to write but I don't know what to say/I've got things I think I would steal if I wasn't afraid/and things I should do but let's go smoke in the shade/jobs that I ought to find but there's no freedom in trade/businessmen I'll forgive for the money they made/because if I spend all my time being mad about all the things that there are to be mad about/when will we have the time to take the bastards down?/I'm walking downtown to sleep in a park because the cops all say we can't sleep in a park/maybe this is going to be stupid, but I'm going to find out/some liberals will hate our guts when we walk in the street/and some will hate us because they love the police/because I know that no ballot is going to represent me/if that's the point of all this then don't count on me/what I hear about oakland has got me thinking/that I might have been too much of a cynic/I don't know if this is stupid, but I'm gonna find out
in the space between a neighborhood and a street map/between a battle fought and a ballot cast/between our vacant hands and the things we lack/in the space between having nothing and everything/between your tired bones and the empty buildings/between this abandoned lot and a vegetable garden/there are people with guns who know how to use them/nothing better to do than hop in their cruisers/and go crack the skulls of some dropouts and losers/and get congratulated on restraint when they do it/so if we can't blow up a social relationship, we also can't reason with bullets/so let's not be confused who uniforms and badged work for/it's not intelligence that keeps assholes rich, it's fucking armies of blue rolling with full clips/with handcuffs and clubs for anyone who's sick of going without just because they're poor/and in the space between who I am and who I should be/between a tired loner and a community/between where the van broke down and alturas street/and in the space between me and the neighbors out on the street/between these walls that we pay to keep/and the ruins that this world deserves to be/
they stole everything and locked it away/so we'll smash everything that's in the way/of a world where we can stand to breathe/without giving up what being human means/we can't wait for someone else to write the songs that we'll sing on the barricades/or until the last police is gone to keep each other safe/we can't wait until we know we aren't wrong to raise the stakes/we can't wait for someone else to write the songs that we'll sing on the barricades/I meet people everyday who can barely bring themselves to believe/that the sun is coming up again/I meet people everyday who can't bring themselves to believe/that the world is gonna change, as if it's ever done anything else
Last song 03:46
and I dreamt of a city on fire/woke up to one intact/made it halfway on the walk to the grocery store/before I turned back/we could walk until the concrete ends/quit work until the money's all spent/but how long until we're walking back to the plasma clinic again?/the bosses we want off our backs are everywhere we can run/so if there's a way out then it's not on our own/and I dreamt of the needles to come/and I woke up afraid/mad enough to burn down the radio/that woke me up this way/I could walk when the bus lines end/shoot dope until the money's all spent/but how long until I'm walking back/to check into detox again/the monkey I want off my back is everywhere I can run/so if there's a way out then it's not on my own/there's a way out but it's not on my-her-his-their-our own/


Paid downloads help us keep putting out music and are greatly appreciated. Free downloads at archive.org/details/ramshackleglorywhoareyourfriendsgonnabe

We think it's important to mention that this album includes recordings of people telling personal stories about their experiences with topics like sexual assault, suicide, racism and addiction. These stories are on most of track 1 and the ends of tracks 4, 6, and 8 for anyone who wants to skip them over. These are recordings of our friends, who were generous enough to share these experiences with us. None of the stories were told by members of our band.

(The second full length album from Ramshackle Glory. Against all odds, we have survived. You made it this far. I made it this far. That should be celebrated.)

We made this record with the partial support of Plan-It-X. In 2017 Chris Clavin was outed for abuse and sexual assault, and for this reason we are no longer working with PIX. For more information: www.facebook.com/ramshackleglory/posts/1547150671995052


released July 7, 2012

Disdane: bass
Douglas Fur: banjo, piano, cello, violin
Eric "Johnny" Freedom: trumpet
Luke Romano: drums
Nick Berger: accordion, saw, vocals
Pat "the bunny" Schneeweis: guitar, vocals, bass on tracks 5 and 8.
Wyndham Maxwell: college, worcester.




Ramshackle Glory Tucson, Arizona

Punk with all the wrong instruments from Tucson, AZ.

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