Shipping and return policies for Ramshackle Glory

Shipping Info
PLEASE ALLOW 30 DAYS FOR SHIPPING! You should understand if you're going to order from us that we are a not a real business. We are generally doing things the cheapest possible way to keep this operation (barely) afloat. So we don't pay for tracking, delivery confirmation, etc on the packages we send and it usually takes us a while to send out your order because we have to do all this work in our spare time after "making a living" some other way. That being said, if your order doesn't come within a month you should get in touch to make sure nothing went wrong. Or if your order was messed up, we want to set it straight. You get the idea.
Return Policy
You are always eligible for a full refund for any, or no, reason at all. Contact us and we'll work it out!